Thursday, 20 October 2011

Could they BE any noisier!

The Brownies were soooooooo noisy tonight! A combination of thinking up play-lets about famous scientists (for Science Investigator badge) and parent-teacher meetings running tonight so several girls going in and out during the evening.

We also had a pow-wow, and had them suggesting what they would like to do next term - as ever there were crazy ideas like visiting New Zealand for a sleepover, but there were some great ideas that will help shape the next two terms once we work through them all!

Half term next week, so no Brownies, then when we get back there will be lots of Toymaker fun!


dinoprincesschar said...

my guides are the same, one patrol has been working on their experimental go for it, so lots of science-based fun.
and i've just started a rangers unit, there are less of them but they are noisier than my old rainbow unit were!

Tawny said...

My Gudes and Rangers are the same, I swear the closer they get to half terms and end of terms the noisier they get!

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