Monday, 10 October 2011

Going Away with Brownies

Quite excitingly, one of our Assistant Guiders has decided she would like to do her holiday licence. I only have an overnight licence (I honestly wish I had just done the holiday licence at the time but I just don't have time now to do those extra modules) so currently our girls can only go away for one night, or we have to piggyback on someone else's licence as we did when we went to Hautbois (apologies for missing images, my old ones got deleted) and Wales.

I did go on a training for the holiday licence and I flip flopped for ages on whether I could fit in the work to upgrade my overnight licence, then eventually decided against it.

So I am thrilled that this Guider is going to go for it, and have promised to support her. Which for a start means digging out Going Away with guiding and our list of local approved places. Oh joy, digging through the stores of too much stuff!


Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

Once the Guider has the new certification, this means your pack could go on some really neat trips. What sorts of things would a Brownie troop -- how far could you go and for how long?

Jen said...

Technically anywhere in England, Scotland, Wales or northern Ireland for up to a week. Realistically, probably a weekend but a little further afield than we have gone with the one night restriction.

Kelloggsville said...

happy to let you see our weekend menus, shopping lists etc if you want some 'stuff' to start a ball rolling. Thoroughly recommend Topstones for a fully equiped place to do a weekend.

Jen said...

Sarah, I did think of Topstones as we have been there before and it is the only out of county venue our assessors will allow. However, apart from Easter weekend (impossible) it is fully booked from Feb to July.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Scout campsites also welcome Guiding friends. I know people (inc. my own daughters brownies/rainbows and Guides) who have had a pack holiday at many local, to us places, and the Oaks in Charnwood.


Jen said...

J, we love Scout campsites, we had a fab weekend at Blackwell Adventure earlier this year.

Maxine said...

I am working towards mine and doing the weekend at our county place in Surrey at Easter. I did my overnight in summer and I'm not finding it too difficult to top up with the extra modules although might change my mind closer to the time!!
We're having a joint brownie and rainbow under the sea themed sleepover in half term which I'm busy planning activities for..........all good fun :)
Hope it goes well for you guys!

Jen said...

Maxine, if you are ever back this way on our meeting night again, come and say hi? Loved seeing you last time. Good luck with your licence.

TopChamp said...

Get her a new book - she'll need her own anyway... I use mine and the old one every time we go - without fail. I actually use my qualification book too, as it helps me remember the order in which you do things (permissions, meetings etc).

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