Friday, 7 October 2011

Guiding in Kenya

One of the leaders with our Guides and Senior Section is going on a Girlguiding trip to Kenya next year. Last night she came and talked to the Brownies about Kenya and what it is like, along with one of the Brownie's dads who has been there too.

The girls were really interested and I think it gave them a lot to think about. They were each sent home with a tube of Smarties and asked to eat them then bring the tube back full of coins, as the Guider is fundraising to go on her trip. Our district has donated £50 to her fundraising, as has the division, and we donated last night's subs in "payment" for her running the night - we have to be very careful not to just donate subs to other charitable causes as the parents pay these for their daughter's time in Brownies not for someone else. But as she ran the whole night with no cost to us, other than rent, it is the same as when we pay St John Ambulance to run the First Aid badge for us.

We did stay away from the current tourism issues in Kenya, kept it at the girls' level so it was more about animals, and standard of living. The biggest hit? You know the game where the first person says "I went on holiday and took my suitcase" then the next person says "I went on holiday and took my suitcase and..." - well, we had 23 Brownies, 2 adults, a Guide and a YL take part in that game and the very last Brownie, one of our youngest, managed the whole list of 26 items when it was her turn! I think the Brownie dad enjoyed himself too, as he stayed on to help X run a Kenya night for the Guides as well!

Here's what the Guider will be up to:
My name is X, I have been selected to go to Kenya with Midlands Guiding.,This is a fantastic opportunity for me and am due to go in March next year for two weeks. We are teaming up with a charity called Akamba Children's Education Fund (ACEF) for the project. This charity aims to advance the education and health of over 940+ vulnerable children who attend the Brainhouse Academy situated in Mathare, North Kenya-which is one of the worlds largest slums.
The children are schooled and all receive one meal a day of porridge. The facilities are basic with just two non-flush toilets, no electricity, no running water and no school books. 170+ of the children are orphaned and live within the school. This is a high standard of living for these children and often the only meal a day they get is the one provided by the academy. All these tasks are done whilst dealing with and considering that 90% of the children have HIV or AIDS, which is a taboo subject and not discussed openly. Brainhouse academy receives no government funding or development support. Based in a slum, it is simply not recognised by the government. We are going there with the aim to generally support the school with lessons, cooking, cleaning, lessons and we would like to introduce a Netball team. The charity had already established football and cricket for the boys, now its time for the girls!
In return for our work, we are undergoing training in leadership and mentoring, prior to and after the event. Giving us advancement on our skills in leadership to then better the relationship with have with our units and to spread though Guiding. This is not a 'jolly holiday' but a long term commitment to bettering ourselves to benefit the charity and upon our return, using the skills within our units. We were due to go next August, but due to this being election time in Kenya, and the political unrest this causes, it has been bought forward considerably. I have to raise £2000 for the trip to which I am finding a challenge in itself. I am currently selling a quiz though work, to friends, family etc and am doing fundraising with my unit.

*If anyone feels the urge to donate to X's fundraising, please do get in touch, however this isn't a begging blog post, more letting you know what we have been involved in.


Kelloggsville said...

Always happy to sell/buy quizzes.

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

Is there an online link so that donors from afar may contribute?

Totally random note, what are these quizzes that are being sold?

Jen said...

Sarah, I've emailed her to ask her to get in touch with you re the quiz. Jen, I don't think she does have a link, I'll add £5 to what I give her, in your name. The quiz, I haven't actually seen, usually these things are a series of questions, you buy a sheet for £1 and then the winner gets £10 or something like that.

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