Thursday, 13 October 2011

Trying something new

This term we are trying something new with the Brownie badges, waiting till the end of term to give them out. In the past, we have always given them out the week after a girl completes a badge (or as soon as we can order them if we don't have them in) and we have sometimes felt it just seems a bit routine, the badge goes in a pocket and rarely gets sewn on.

We're hoping that by waiting and doing a whole term of badges in one go, it will get them all excited, and if they come home with two or three badges in one go, we might actually see them sewn on next term!

It's going to be up to the girls though, they will decide in January if they want to do it that way again or if they want to try another way. Right now I have acquired 25 bags, I've named them and drawn a trefoil on each, then written on the back what needs to go in each one. Just need to think of how we will hand them out now, what we can do to make it all special.


Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

What about devoting part of a meeting to a little ceremony to hand out the patches? Maybe have the families come too and the girls can talk about what they had to do to earn their new badges?

TopChamp said...

I like this!

Working Mum said...

I like the idea of making more of the badge awarding; just handing them out willy nilly seems to reduce their worth.

PS I have my own problems re Brownie badges, I need your help, please read my latest post!

Kelloggsville said...

What Jennifer said! a special ceremony - tea lights (I always like the candles bit!) On a training I made a Brownie Journey scroll that was then rolled up and tied with ribbon, The idea was the brownie six made it for/with a leaving brownie. I could see a varition on this fitting in with what you are doing, maybe making their own scroll with their name, pack, and the badges they think they are going to get and tieing it up etc before being given the badges.

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