Sunday, 23 October 2011

What is a Brownie Pow Wow?

This week at Brownies, we had a Brownie Pow Wow - a chance for the girls to have their say about what they do. In this instance, we were looking for their ideas about what they would like to do next term, there was no voting at this point, but once we have taken their ideas and come up with rough ideas for the meetings, we can take some of them back and get the girls to vote.

The most successful bit of girl decision making we have had in recent years was when we were running the Adventure 100 programme to celebrate 100 years of guiding, and the girls narrowed down the 100 ideas in the challenge to the 11 weeks that we ran the programme.

After discarding the wholly impossible (a sleepover in Australia - not Australia themed, she actually wanted to go there for a night), or modifying them into something vaguely possible (the girl who said she just wanted to watch tv all night did think a cinema trip might be fun), we will be mulling over the following suggestions:
  • Things to do: Cinema, Sleepover, Pyjama party, Midnight feast, Panto with costumes – cluedo?, Park, Climbing wall, Riding, Sports, Olympics, Art and craft, Ice Skating, London
  • People to help: Cystic fibrosis, child charity, comic relief, soft toys for the school, stroke society, teenage cancer, walking for a charity, boy in the chip shop
  • Places to learn about: Ireland, Africa, China, Italy, Scotland, New Zealand, India, Spain
The boy in the chip shop - this related to a poster two of the girls had seen in a nearby chip shop about fundraising in the name of a little boy who had been very ill. So the girls were very well-intentioned when they said "boy in the chip shop" but I did want to say: "There's a guy works down the chip shop swears he's Elvis, he's a liar and I'm not sure about you."


Kelloggsville said...

Impressed. Inclusion is very good and we all know it's part of the programme but I suspect many don't do it.

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