Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Shelterboxes delivered

Do you remember, back in the spring, my Brownies, together with Rainbows, Guides and Senior Section, all worked together to raise money for Shelterbox after the tsunami in Japan?

We heard in the last few days that the three boxes we had a stake in (one box fully funded by us and two boxes that we contributed to) have been delivered to Kenya.

With Somalia struck by drought, famine and conflict, thousands of Somali families have ended up in Kenyan refugee camps. Obviously we originally raised the money for Japan, but you can't specify where the boxes will go, and the way Shelterbox works is that they send out the boxes immediately, people fundraise as we did while an incident is happening but by the time they deploy the boxes we fundraised for, it is often to a completely different place. We did support their work in Japan, because they can only send boxes out if they know more fundraising is coming in.

Shelterbox set up in the Ifo 2 extension refugee camp with sanitation, schools, a market and hundreds of tents - including ours. I am telling the girls they should be very proud they have helped give families shelter, warmth and dignity.


Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

I think it's neat that 1) your girls worked so hard to raise the money, 2) that they were able to fund the shelterboxes, and 3) that those shelterboxes were available when needed. Kudos!

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