Monday, 12 December 2011

Merry Spartan Christmas: My Christmas Struggle

I'm going to get there. But right now, life is so packed, with more work hours than usual, two children with Guide/Scout activities, a sport each, me doing Brownies, husband working longer hours than this time last year...oh I don't need to tell you, and I'm not struggling-struggling, we're going to get there, just a little later than usual.

So if you want to see how my house will end up looking, check out how it looked in 2009, and how it looked in 2010, then you'll know pretty much how it's going to end up looking in 2011. Even if that's Dec 24, 2011, it will happen!

For now, our Christmas theme is Sparta: so, welcome to our Spartan Christmas*. We managed to find time to pick up a tree - and what a tree! - on Sunday but picking it up was sandwiched between daughter being collected from a sleepover, husband returning from his bike ride and me and daughter needing to head out to a Guiding carol concert. When we returned, she still had homework to do, so she focussed on that and the decorations remained in the box as we do like to all do them together.

We were going to try again today, but then by the time I got son from football, fed him and sent him to was well past bedtime once husband was back and son was home again, so now we are planning to try again tomorrow.
Merry Spartan Christmas!
*Spartan as in austere , don't think of my husband and me as Menelaus and Helen, please!


Kelloggsville said...

Au Natural - a very modern chic look. Get family loved up Christmas eve - it'll make it all the more special :)

Jacqueline said...

Oh I am so there with you. Our tree went up yesterday and son adorned it with lights today, but that is it so far much to children's disgust. However two fulltime working parents and a Scout Group centenary, Distruict centenary and School and Guide events have eaten into the time!

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

Sometimes, a simple tree is the best. Throw some white lights on there and you'd be good to go.

TopChamp said...

Don't know whether my tree is up.... Will wait and see when I get home, but I'm hopeful.

smalltownme said...

Have the Daleks been played with yet?

Jen said...

They're waiting for Christmas day!

Molly said...

Very chic! Simplicity is my word for 2012!:)

JanMary @ said...

You'll get there!

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