Friday, 6 January 2012

Brownies Build Birdhouses

Is it madness to decide to build four birdhouses from scratch (well, the wood was cut to shape but that was it, no drillholes etc) as a Brownie pack?
I decided it wasn't and bought everything we needed. Then I panicked and decided it was foolish. Husband tried to talk me down and we decided to open one up and see how hard it was to put together. We put it together but it wasn't easy and I decided it wasn't viable for Brownies so I would take the other three unopened ones back.
But then I spoke to one of the four dads who had volunteered to help us that night and he was happier about it, he even offered to pre-drill the holes on the remaining three to speed up the process so the girls would just have to hammer and use screwdrivers.
And that's what we did! In the space of just over an hour, we set up workbenches, then had one of three dads focus on each of three areas of the three birdhouses: the legs, the roof and the base of the house. The girls moved round each area in turn so they participated in each bit and the fourth dad helped on whatever section was going slowly.
By the end of the just over an hour, every girl had had a go with a hammer, a screwdriver or both, and had helped to collect screws and nails, measuring them to ensure it was the right type each time.
And we had four bird feeding tables, ready to donate to the school where we meet - well, almost ready, I am going to use woodstain to add a squirrel, a rabbit, a fox and a hedgehog to each to represent our sixes.
I am glad we did this - I panicked and we nearly didn't do it but the girls did brilliantly, the dads were very patient and very careful and we had no injuries at all, not even a splinter!
I've included a picture of the girls working, I can barely tell who each girl is in that picture, so I don't think it identifies anyone. I can't include the one of them beaming with the end results, but trust me that they do look very like the one you can see here!


Kelloggsville said...

blimey well done! I think we often worry too much aout the photos. Sometimes we know who the top of a head is but no one else does, those photos are fine. Have to take care for pack name tags though, I've often brushed them out.

TopChamp said...

so many badges on your brownies!!!!!!!

That sounds great - love the idea of putting the sixes on too.

Tawny said...

Well done you! I would not have tried that with Guides let alone Brownies! It is our first night back at Guides tonight and we are extending to two hours. I am so excited!

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