Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Duchess of Cambridge volunteers

The Duchess of Cambridge has volunteered with Scouting, and will be helping occasionally with Beaver colonies and Cub packs near her home.

OK, as an ex-Brownie, it would have been great if she had signed up with Girlguiding. But it's up to her - either maybe there were no Guiding units near her home, or maybe she wanted to try something similar but different.

I'm not quite as Strictly Guiding as you might think, I am all for both Guiding and Scouting, with a child in each and as a leader in Guiding and a former helper with Beaver Scouts myself. So anything that brings in the volunteers to either organisation, I'm all for it; the publicity around her involvement might make a few people think they could give up similar amounts of time.
Both organisations have lots of children desperate to take part and not enough adults, there's about 1 million members between the two organisations and around 80,000 kids waiting to join.

To volunteer with Scouting: http://scouts.org.uk/join/join_volunteer.php
To volunteer with Guiding: http://www.girlguiding.org.uk/get_involved/volunteer/register_your_interest.aspx

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Jx said...

:-0 you know my thoughts!

Jx said...

You know my thoughts :-)

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

I really would have expected her to volunteer with Guiding, instead of Scouting, as a way to be an example for girls all over the world.

Jen said...

Jen, Scouting does admit girls in the UK now. Guiding is girl only but Scouting is both.

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