Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Looking backward then forward (personal edition)

I did post about what happened at Brownies in December and what we have planned for the months ahead.

Some personal news too:
  • The newest Cub Scout was invested
  • And my daughter, age just turned 13, achieved her black belt in taekwondo

I don't often talk about my kids on here, it doesn't feel right after an experience a few years ago that caused an issue - hmm, is that vague enough!?! Just know that I have a reason.

But I am so proud of both, my son for carrying on the Scouting tradition that's been in our families since the 1940s and my daughter for achieving such an amazing level in her sport at such a young age and with so many other things like school and Guiding to fit in at the same time.

Normal Brownie-related service will be resumed!


Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

I'm so proud of your boy and girl too!

Anonymous said...

Well done them (and you!). Great achievements, I am proud of them as well.


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