Wednesday, 22 February 2012

World Thinking Day aka Founders Day aka Wednesday

To anyone who has anything to do with Guiding: Happy World Thinking Day.
To anyone who has anything to do with Scouts: Happy Founder's Day.
To everyone else, have a great Wednesday!


Kelloggsville said...

well put!

TopChamp said...

Happy Thinking Day (belatedly ) from me! I bombed it this year!!

1stly: Forgot the minister was doing a thinking day service so didn't go... 1 of my Brownies did.

2ndly: Deadline for getting County event tickets was deadline for tax.. Missed it.

Doubly bad. AND at Brownies on Tues we did Healthy Heart & Pancakes and I forgot to even mention Thinking Day.

If only I'd seen your blog sooner!!

Anonymous said...

Our Cubs have had to delay their event until next week, but the Beavers are busy today (see group blog link via Gus'one.

Hope you had a great Thinking/Founder's day


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