Sunday, 4 March 2012

Busy Guiding time, quiet blog

I've been really busy with Guiding stuff and with life, and never seem to find the time to come here and share. If World Thinking Day is Feb 22, does that mean this is a new Guiding year? So I can make my new Guiding year's resolution to be to make the time to share. :-)

I will start by trying to help out a friend's daughter. Her daughter is fundraising to go on a Guiding trip to Switzerland and is making the keyrings and woggles you see on this blog post. She's selling them for £1 each, if you think you might be interested, then you can message me in the comments (include your email address), and I will pass on the comments without publishing them.


Working Mum said...

Funny how I always remember 22 Feb is Thinking Day, I told one of my classes about it this year after I'd written the date on the board.

Yes, life does seem to get very busy, doesn't it? Are you working on the Diamond Jubilee Challenge? Izzy had to design a Princess Dress this week, she loved it!

Jen said...

I now have my car mot due on feb 22 after the year I forgot for, well, let's say a little while.
Nope we're not doing that challenge, bu we are going Olympics crazy next term!

Jx said...

Thank you! I was not expecting to see this on your blog and it has made my eyes rather misty. Even if it does not result in orders, it is a testament to the guiding spit rit. Thanks again B will be amazed.

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