Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Girlguiding news

There's lots of Guiding news around just now, and a few things leapt out enough that I wanted to share:

A new girl every hour in 2011 - isn't that great? What an eye-catching spin on the statistics

Devoted Guide leader hangs up her woggle - this leader sounds wonderful and I hope she is persuaded to stay as an assistant guider with a unit or be involved at division or county level because she really seems to get the useful aspects of the Girlguiding programme and to have inspired a lot of girls

And finally, it appears I am not alone in thinking both Guiding AND Scouting rule - the Chief Guide and Scouts UK Chief Commissioner have issued a joint statement to that effect.


dinoprincesschar said...

ahh, how lovely about the lady who had been in guiding for 40 years!!
the statistics are fab, i've been telling everyone i've spoken to for the last week or so! :)

gillibob said...

Guiding does Rule :-) I was at Pax Lodge a couple of weeks ago, and was excited to spot the folk i had been with in the BBC VT of the popularity of Girl Guides. I have started a new unit about a year ago and we have rapidly grown in numbers- the girls are lovely and very keen and absolute pleasure to be around and i can heartily endorse volunteering. You get so much more back than you give. :-)

TopChamp said...

it's a good way of putting it, yes! Sounds much better than Guiding grew by 1.5%.

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