Saturday, 10 March 2012

Sleepover at a castle

Remember a while back I said I was going to visit a major tourist attraction about the possibility of a sleepover there?
Well, it was Warwick Castle - and it's happening!
The castle is arranging two camps in the autumn term for Scouts and Guides, and we're hoping to go on one of them. I've got letters out with parents right now, so we should know interest and numbers fairly soon.
The castle ran sleepovers during the Guide centenary in 2010 so they have the plans down pat, and we know it will be suitable for our girls.
You get there on a Saturday, pitch tents, have tea, are welcomed by the knights, take part in a round robin of demos, and then they fire the trebuchet - and at night they even light the ball so it is a flaming trebuchet!
Then on Sunday there's breakfast, break camp, bird display and we can wander the castle before the public arrive for the day.
The price is great I think, £32 is a lot for a one night camp, but when you look at all you get for it, it is good value, plus we plan to use our Gift Aid so we can offer it to the girls at a lower price.
The event is only open to Scouting and Guiding groups but if you think your unit might be interested and want more details, the Trade Sales Account Manager is Georgina Forsythe, her email (she gave me permission to share it!) is
They also run similar events at Alton Towers and Chessington World of Adventure, if those are closer to you.
(I wasn't paid to write about this, or sponsored, or anything like that. I was invited to visit the castle and hear more about the planned event so I could ask questions, along with lots of other Scout and Guide leaders. And I got free hot chocolate for me and the two kids who were with me as well. But that's not sponsorship, that's planning!)


gillibob said...

I love Warwick castle- been to a few concerts there. The grounds are fab and i am sure the guides will every minute of the camp. :-)

Jx said...

I will pass this on to our group and my daughters Guide leaders. Thanks

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

What a fabulous sleepover. I'm not sure I'd want to sleep in a tent (brrrr...) but I think it would be better than sleeping in the castle itself, which would be a bit creepy.

Working Mum said...

That sounds fab!! I'm sure your guides will love it. And £32 sounds much more reasonable than the £82 I've been asked to pay for my daughter's one night school trip to Grasmere!

TopChamp said...

exciting! We are looking for somewhere to sleepover in May/June. Not sure where we will go yet.

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