Monday, 16 April 2012

Friendship bracelets for Sangam or Games Go Global with WAGGGS

I spotted two great ideas, thanks to a fabulous email list run by an American Girl Scout leader. Though this term coming up will be filled up with Olympics and the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, I think we could do the bracelets next term as a worthy craft project. Games Go Global I doubt we can squeeze in but you never know.

Sangam bracelets
Sangam in India is one of four World Centres for Guiding - the other three are Pax Lodge in London (been there), Our Chalet in Switzerland (would LOVE to go there) and Our Cabana in Mexico.
They want Girl Guides and Girl Scouts from all over the world to make friendship bracelets and send them there, to be sold for 10 rupees (approx 20 US cents or 13 British pence) to support projects at the centre.
I really like the idea of our girls getting to make a craft - perhaps one for themselves and one for Sangam - that would be able to help others. So I'll be suggesting this one at our next leaders meeting.

Games Go Global - bronze, silver and gold

We're less likely to do this, as it is Olympic themed and I think our girls will be Olympics-ed out by the end of the term! There's a pack with a good balance of physical, mental and emotional activities, so it may even be a resource we use later without involving the badges - even on skimming it I spotted a few good ten minute games we could use as time-fillers. But for those who aren't embracing the GGUK On Your Marks resource quite as thoroughly as us, there could be some good evenings in here, and girls can earn bronze, silver or gold badges depending on how many activities they complete.


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