Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Guiding even in Zurich

I was in Germany with my family for six days over Easter, and although the trip had nothing to do with Guiding, there was one tiny tiny little Guiding element.
When getting off the plane at Zurich Airport (yes, that's in Switzerland but it was the nearest airport), daughter spotted a girl a couple of rows behind was wearing a Big Gig hoodie.
Big Gig is a pop concert held at least once a year (this year, twice) in the UK for Guides and Senior Section members - they have a blast. Daughter's unit was hoping to go but did not get tickets this year, maybe next time. Cazbly's unit took a few girls though.
We did speak to the girl in the hoodie, she admitted she was really lucky to get to go and said she had a really good time.
Incidentally, Girlguiding UK does actually exist in Zurich too, though both my daughter and this girl are UK Guides, there is a Brownie unit and a Guide unit at an international school in Zurich too - I even sent a Brownie there a few years ago when she moved with her family!


Kelloggsville said...

I shared a train carriage with a large number of boy and girl scouts in Zurich last year. They all seemed to be going camping judging by their oversized ruck sacks. There must have been at least 50 of them all singing and shouting. I loved it. I wished I was going with them :)

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