Friday, 1 June 2012

Promise torch

Kelloggsville asked to see a picture of the promise torch I mentioned in my last post. I did add it to Facebook as she suggested but then thought it might be worth showing here, because while UK Guiders might be using the excellent On Your Marks pack, leaders from other countries may well be interested.

Start by breaking down your promise into small sections and talking those through with the girls. An excellent opportunity to go over the meaning of the promise and how we should try to follow it in every day life.

Then send them to their sixes to create their torch - we did have an adult and a YL or PL on each table of six and they did need the help with sticking and holding the shape of the torch.

Roll up a sheet of white A4 card into a cone shape and stick (tape not glue, unless you have all night!). Draw six flame shapes on paper and cut out, then write on the promise in sections. Position around the top of the torch and tape.

Use flame coloured tissue or crepe paper (yes, mine is not flame coloured but this was the demo) to fill centre - we used two 99p packs of 100 sheets from the Works, that was enough orange, red and yellow sheets of tissue paper for 24 Brownies. You can stick these down or just stuff them in, tear up into bits or just crumple...

Finally we added a sheet of satinette - the sheet left behind when sequins are stamped out! It looks like the holes on the 2012 Olympics torches, we were really pleased with the effect.

Those Brownies who finished fast were instructed to keep decorating, those who worked slowly were helped by the adults, so it worked well on all levels.

We told the girls to keep them, we will use them for our Brownie Olympics in a few weeks, and also for the promise ceremony for our new girls.


Kelloggs Ville said...

We use candles at promise ceremonies but I was thinking even after the olympic sthese would make good 'guiding lights' for the ceremony.

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