Sunday, 17 June 2012

Racing by

Is it just me or is this term racing by? We had an excellent session this week: one of our YLs is also an FA coach so she ran a football training session with the girls. Now, while she works well with this age group, of course at football training all the girls want to be there whereas I did wonder if some of the Brownies might not want to play football but they all threw themselves into it. It went really well. Just three more weeks to go: an Olympics planning evening where they will pick their country, design a flag, create gold, silver and bronze medals and plan what games they want to do. The week after will be the actual brownie Olympics then finally our usual end of term meeting at a local scout campsite with smores etc. That meeting will include a promise ceremony and at both the ceremony and the Olympics, we will use the Olympic torches we made.


TopChamp said...

FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!! woo hoo!!

Much as I love it - I am pleased to see the end of term.

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