Thursday, 26 July 2012

Olympics are finally here!

We've been talking about it for a long time! I know I have:
 April 2011 I applied for Olympic tickets
April 2011 Olympics quilts (we didn't) 
March 2012 Olympics crazy
April 2012 Facepainting Brownies for the Olympics
April 2012 Games go Global with WAGGGS
May 2012 The Olympic quilt we did make
June 2012 We made gorgeous promise torches
June 2012 Football coaching by a torchbearer
July 2012 The torch visited Brownies
July 2012 Visiting London for the Olympics?

Opening ceremony is tomorrow, and we have tickets for football. To everyone who is going, or going to watch it on TV, I hope we all have a great time!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Visiting London this summer for the Olympics?

If you're a Guiding leader, don't forget to visit Girlguiding HQ when you're here! The shop sells badges, gifts, and all kinds of lovely Guiding stuff, and as you can see, it's very close to Buckingham Palace.

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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Guiding news

I thought you might like to read about a few other Brownie and Guide groups apart from my own!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Camping, and Brownies, and summer

Scout camp was great, all praise to the leaders, though as predicted, husband was not a fan. I'd put money now on me not being able to get him back there next year! Children had fun and the rain was not as bad as it was predicted.

Brownies is all done for the (school) year, we had to relocate our last meeting from the campsite where we planned to hold it, but it worked out fine. The YL who carried the Olympic Torch was kind enough to bring it to the meeting as well, so that was a real highlight!

We've managed to squeeze in the planning for next term too, the plan includes:
  • a camp
  • an overnight for newbies
  • a couple of Brownie badges
  • fundraising for Children in Need
  • Remembrance Sunday
  • Christmas Carol Service
  • fun crafts
So veering away from the sport-heavy term we've had this term, it's been fab celebrating the Olympics but we gotta keep it balanced! We're going right in the opposite direction, with the rather fun choice of a chip walk, always a hit with the girls!

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Olympic torch in Leamington

The Young Leader who works with us and ran the football development session carried the Olympic torch today in Leamington Spa.

We travelled over to see her and it was extra exciting to see it carried by someone we knew.

This pic is of her, I am being discreet and showing you the one of her behind one of the surrounding police minders! If you know me on Facebook, you can check my page and see proper pictures.

I've also been busy making cake pops for our school fete next weekend, a fete I won't be attending because I will be on a Scout event - not a Girlguiding one! - with my family all weekend.

So although we do have Brownies this week, our last one of this term, this week is more about fitting getting ready for Scout camp around work than anything else.

My ticklist:

  • I need to dig out the tent, poles and groundsheet
  • Find all four self-inflating mats
  • Find four sleeping bags that zip up, we have 5 and one doesn't and I can never remember which it is!
  • Find four blankets
  • Four camping chairs
  • Sort out crockery for four
  • Pack generally.
It's more complicated than usual, usually only one or two of us are camping, so we don't have four of everything. Husband is not a happy camper, he is doing it for the family for the weekend but he's not thrilled!
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