Friday, 31 August 2012

Revving up again

The summer's (almost) flown by, not quite giving up on it yet as our kids don't go back till next week so we have one last weekend!
It's been a busy one for us, I started a new job in June so hadn't accumulated enough holiday to take anything more than our two weeks away in the French Alps (blissfully wonderful and we want to go back) which meant I had to be on top of childcare while working.
The very first week, Daughter climbed Mount Snowdon with my friend and her daughter, I was very impressed! She also had a week of Guide camp and loved that. Together with my parents being here for a week, the time has raced past us.
So, back to school and back to Brownies! I've already delivered out the term's plans and I used some quiet time to sort out the consent and health forms for our upcoming camp today, so I (think) I am on top of things.
Let the good times roll!
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