Friday, 28 September 2012

Huh? HOW much time just elapsed?

Could have sworn I posted just last week!

Well, it's been busy:
  • Four new Brownies started - the fifth didn't turn up first week, 2nd week mum said she would be there week after, I declined as we were out the meeting place that week and I didn't want to meet the girl while we were on a trip, so hopefully she's starting next week
  • We've started World Guiding badge and Speaker badge, most will finish World Guiding though Speaker will only see a few finish I imagine, you need to be quite outgoing so I suspect we'll only see about half finish but that's fine
  • We went on a chip walk - and, of course, it rained!
  • Most exciting of all, we have been camping! We went to Warwick Castle, and camped overnight, with events including birds of prey, a bowman, knights fighting, a flaming trebuchet, a Princess Tower and the Merlin Tower. It wasn't a normal camp - we needed parent help to get tents up as we had a one hour window to do it in, and we had to have the tents down so early they all came down wet from dew alone. Also, no water needed to be collected as fully catered. It was very very cold at night but all the girls made it through despite a couple of wobbles - we were very proud of them.
What's next? More Speaker and World Guiding, a sleepover for the newbies and some Halloween fun. Baker Ross have been kind enough to send us some goodies to test and review here (anonymity for the girls of course) and we'll be using those on the sleepover, so watch out for those pics.

I didn't realise we'd been away, but we're back!
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