Sunday, 21 October 2012

Really organised or barely made it?

We took 9 of our newest Brownies plus two leader daughter Brownies on a sleepover this weekend, and they had a great time, they were even asleep by midnight and didn't wake up till 7.

Among the things we did was crafts, and the crafts were kindly donated to this blog by Baker Ross - where else would I use them? Sadly, I wasn't quite as prepared as I should have been and we weren't able to do everything I got sent *blush*. We'll use them another time, but I should have thought just a tiny bit further ahead!

OK, so we were sent:
Scratch Art Door Hangers - these went down really well, some of the girls spent ages and ages on them, there was a preponderance of ones with No Boys allowed on!

Rainforest Colour-in Window Decorations - these turned out beautifully. The girls worked very hard on them and each design looked totally different. Big hit.

Design a Patchwork Wall Hanging - now, I didn't schedule this in, because we actually made one of these already, back in May. But I chucked it in the box just in case, then realised I hadn't included any fabric pens. We have sets of those, plus fabric paint, so while we could have tried to make this with normal pens, it seemed a terrible waste.

The last two items, all I was missing was glue! I cannot believe I forgot the glue! They sent British Bird Felt Hanging Decorations, which needed glue for the very last step, to add on the ribbon.

We could have made those and sent the ribbon home, but there was only half the number needed, we also needed the Butterfly Foam Magnets (I checked online and they don't seem to have these just now?) to make up the number we needed and the magnets needed glue for the very first step.

So, what we used was fab, and it was kind of them to send them to us to review. And we will use the other items soon, when I make sure I am armed with fabric pens and glue!

Friday, 19 October 2012

Behind the scenes - Brownies in a bank

Brownies from across our district were invited to see behind the scenes in one of our local banks this week - Barclays.

We got to go in the back where they sort the money and have the safe (very very firmly locked while we were there) and saw all the tight security there. We saw where the bank manager's (shared) office was, and heard the doorbell the staff can ring to summon him when he is needed out in the main banking hall. And the girls got to go behind the tills to see what it's like for a teller. (While I am conscious we saw NOTHING that would compromise security, I still don't want to say too much detail on anything!)

It was a lot of fun - and opened the girls' eyes to potential careers I think - they were very impressed at just how young the bank manager was. And it's made us think it's ages since we did the Fire Safety badge so we could go behind the scenes at the fire station which is always fun, so we'll have to look at that for next spring.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Bear times two

Good luck to all the Brownie leaders doing Bear's Bedtime tonight! Units all over our county (I think it's just our county?) are doing sleepovers simultaneously tonight - though how much simultaneous sleep there will be I do not know! Everyone is to take a teddy, hence the Bear's Bedtime.

We aren't taking part as we had camp two weekends ago and we had a sleepover already booked for our new girls coming up quite soon, there's only so much time we can give up, out of the five current leaders, we have 10 kids between us and only two of those are actually Brownies (though another three are involved as YL and Brownie Helpers). We need to spend SOME time with the rest of our families! Having said that, one leader and her Brownie are helping out another unit by going on their sleepover so we do have two representatives.

You may notice I said current leaders? One of our leaders actually left us this week, she had said she was going to leave, but the decision to go quite so quickly was a surprise. She's been with us 5 years - you can trace her time back with us on this blog! - so it will be strange without her. We actually have someone else who came on camp, is coming on the upcoming sleepover and wants to be more involved, so without putting too much pressure on her, I think the team will be just fine.

You may also notice I said Bear times two? That's not because we have two taking part in the Bear event, but because there are two Bear events today, Scouts all over the Midlands and Wales have been running camps and events this weekend and their chief scout Bear Grylls has been popping in to see them. A total of 4,200 took part in an event locally, and my Cub son was one of them. He popped a notebook into his lunchbag and was certain he'd be able to ask for an autograph...I warned him there were thousands there and it wouldn't happen...and back he came with the autograph! I don't think many Scouts had been quite as prepared as him, he said some of his fellow Cubs got a handshake but he was the only one from his pack that got an autograph.

So it's a Bear weekend all round!
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