Friday, 19 October 2012

Behind the scenes - Brownies in a bank

Brownies from across our district were invited to see behind the scenes in one of our local banks this week - Barclays.

We got to go in the back where they sort the money and have the safe (very very firmly locked while we were there) and saw all the tight security there. We saw where the bank manager's (shared) office was, and heard the doorbell the staff can ring to summon him when he is needed out in the main banking hall. And the girls got to go behind the tills to see what it's like for a teller. (While I am conscious we saw NOTHING that would compromise security, I still don't want to say too much detail on anything!)

It was a lot of fun - and opened the girls' eyes to potential careers I think - they were very impressed at just how young the bank manager was. And it's made us think it's ages since we did the Fire Safety badge so we could go behind the scenes at the fire station which is always fun, so we'll have to look at that for next spring.


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