Sunday, 21 October 2012

Really organised or barely made it?

We took 9 of our newest Brownies plus two leader daughter Brownies on a sleepover this weekend, and they had a great time, they were even asleep by midnight and didn't wake up till 7.

Among the things we did was crafts, and the crafts were kindly donated to this blog by Baker Ross - where else would I use them? Sadly, I wasn't quite as prepared as I should have been and we weren't able to do everything I got sent *blush*. We'll use them another time, but I should have thought just a tiny bit further ahead!

OK, so we were sent:
Scratch Art Door Hangers - these went down really well, some of the girls spent ages and ages on them, there was a preponderance of ones with No Boys allowed on!

Rainforest Colour-in Window Decorations - these turned out beautifully. The girls worked very hard on them and each design looked totally different. Big hit.

Design a Patchwork Wall Hanging - now, I didn't schedule this in, because we actually made one of these already, back in May. But I chucked it in the box just in case, then realised I hadn't included any fabric pens. We have sets of those, plus fabric paint, so while we could have tried to make this with normal pens, it seemed a terrible waste.

The last two items, all I was missing was glue! I cannot believe I forgot the glue! They sent British Bird Felt Hanging Decorations, which needed glue for the very last step, to add on the ribbon.

We could have made those and sent the ribbon home, but there was only half the number needed, we also needed the Butterfly Foam Magnets (I checked online and they don't seem to have these just now?) to make up the number we needed and the magnets needed glue for the very first step.

So, what we used was fab, and it was kind of them to send them to us to review. And we will use the other items soon, when I make sure I am armed with fabric pens and glue!


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