Friday, 9 November 2012

New additions, Halloween and daffodils

We've been so busy as a unit and I've been so busy as a Guider and in all my other roles (work four days a week, mum, wife etc) in the last few weeks. And it's only going to get busier as we head for Christmas. So for now, forgive me for the bullet points - I can elaborate on anything if people are particularly interested.

•The sleepover I mentioned in the last post went really well, three of the girls have now signed up for our big London weekend next year as a result of the fun they had. We're thrilled to add them.

*Our new Guider is doing so well too. I'm loving her attention to detail. The rest of us have been doing his a few years now and it's very good for all of us to have things questioned. Yes we do it that way but why? Often there is a good reason, but sometimes there isn't and her fresh eyes help with that.

*Our YL stepped up brilliantly to run a Halloween party for over 50 Brownies. She was patient, adapted her plans when something she tried didn't go well, worried about that till we reassured her that being able to adapt is very much the important skill her mentor would be looking for and allinall was just fab.

*Our most recent meeting was led by me - a logistical nightmare for me with a husband who was ill and a daughter who needed picking up from somewhere else just as Brownies started, feeding and dropping off somewhere just as Brownies ended. A friend helped me out and it does show how fitting these things in, particularly when your own child is no longer part of the unit you are involved with, can be a juggling act.
We planted daffodils for Marie Curie and the girls will be nurturing them through to St Davids Day next year when they will bring them back to see who has the tallest one and will also bring back their fundraising money. Lots of excited girls already telling me they have collected over £5 each within days of starting so we should have a good total!

What else is coming up?
*County training day
*Remembrance Sunday
*First evening run by our new Guider

And that's just the next few days!


Working Mum said...

A Halloween party for 50? I was frazzled doing a party for 6. Kudos to her!

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