Saturday, 17 November 2012


Last week we fit in a pow wow for the girls to tell us what they'd like to do next term. Girls in the lead is a very important principle in Guiding, and pow wows are a very effective way of doing this.
This week we couldn't use our venue because of police commissioner elections in the hall, so the leaders got together at the same time as the regular meeting to create a programme for the term - actually the next two terms as next term is really short for us, just 8 weeks.
We put together the girls' wishes, some aspects we felt strongly about and finished off by making sure we were including the three important Brownie strands of You, Community and World.
I'm pretty pleased with it, we've got some good strong Guiding content in there, some learning of new things, some teamwork, some fun - seems like good plans to me!


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