Friday, 23 November 2012

Rocked it

We're pretty lucky at our unit, we have 24 Brownies and 4 leaders plus another leader in training.
We all have a lot on in our lives and only 2 of us have Brownies in the unit, among the things such as husbands, jobs and other commitments that we juggle along with Brownies is 8 other children with their own out of school activities including one with particular needs.
So while 5 leaders looks like luxury, what it really means is that usually we can manage 4 leaders per week, sometimes as few as 3.
This week was necessarily one of the 3 leader weeks. And just to top it off, I really needed to spend time with the 5 newbies so I was going to be in the entrance hall with them away from the others. And it was leader in training's first time to lead a meeting. And she was stepping in to lead because one of the absent leaders wasn't well.
Baptism of fire!
But she rocked it. The girls worked on one of the Rights badges and really got to grips with the idea of similarity and difference. While I wasn't in the room for most of it, I know she did well because there were Brownies talking about it in the playground this morning - always the sign of a good meeting!


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