Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Holiday Homes Tour 2012 - how familiar!

We managed it much earlier than last year - we decorated on Dec 22 last year. Just so you can see how little we change from year to year, here's:
 All our wee bits and pieces: revolving presents (from the German Christmas market in Birmingham a few years ago), candle, Nativity scene, Lego snowglobe, Playmobil Nativity pieces, wooden Nativity scene (Birmingham Christmas market again), glass candle holder decorated by daughter at Guides last week, and our Habitat Christmas lights tree.
 My Hotel Chocolat Advent Calendar, won on Kelloggsville's blog.
 Tree lurching forwards
 Snowmen, son's Lego Advent Calendar, and Santa
Goldfish crackers, sent to us from the US by the very host of this Holiday Homes Tour- not exactly decorations but part of Christmas! The children are rationing themselves to make them last, we don't have these in the UK.
 Glass bells from Austria
Back when I had time to cross stitch, I made this. That's our Marie Curie jar to the right, where we are collecting coins (as are all our Brownies) for Marie Curie Cancer Care till next March.
The Christmas Minas Tirith sitting on our Christmas tablecloth (which isn't on the table yet, too much homework to be done at that table between now and a dressed up table)
 The tree
 The Christmas Pterodactyl in the Christmas barbed wire.

These are our traditions!

 Be sure to check in with Jen to see who else is participating in the 2012 Holiday Homes Tour.

Been turned into a snaffler of sorts

I won a Hotel Chocolat Advent Calendar and despite it being called Truffles for Two, I have been scoffing both truffles each day, usually one in the morning and one in the evening.

But Kelloggsville, with her Sharer or Snaffler question, has made me into a Sort Of Snaffler. Because it turns out I don't like the Mulled Wine truffles and despite offering them round the family, no-one else does either. And it also turns out that I love the Salted Caramel truffles.

So I have opened up the back of the calendar.

Removed the mulled wine ones.

Taken one of the two truffles from a few of the other days to ensure that when I open the days the mulled wine was meant to be there then there will still be a chocolate for me.

And while I was at it I moved the two remaining Salted Caramels to December 24th.

So that I get the very best treat on the very last day.

Kelloggsville! I both thank you for running the competition that I won, and blame you for these snaffling tendencies!
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