Sunday, 13 January 2013

Bits, pieces and other things

I never did get back to the Guiding promise after I posted the link a few days ago - I was in Edinburgh and posting on my mobile so you'll have to forgive me.
Kelloggsville expanded a little on it, so check her link out for more on that.
Pressing on with what we are up to:
  • Just 1 new Brownie this term, she is an older (8 year old) girl who we've managed to squeeze in and is fitting in just fine already.
  • We have a stunningly short term this term, just 8 weeks - 6 weeks before half term and only 2 after! That's because the school where we meet has a couple of things happening in the second half of half term that clash with our meeting and are appealing to our girls, most of whom do go to that school so there's no point in setting up an alternative meeting those nights.
  • So, we are packing the term full of fun even if it is short - there's Thinking Day and food tasting and litter picking and circus skills and more.
  • We've got a big weekend away in the summer term and took the second of three installments for that: it's creeping closer! Chuffed to say that 15/19 of the girls who can go (ie not the newbie from January or the 4 starting at Easter) have signed up plus all the leaders are going too.
  • We're planning ahead too: our county ran a Bear's Bedtime for Brownies in October last year and will be running it again this year, we have already for a hall lined up so we can take part, and we're hoping to get all 24 girls to do it!


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