Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Rest and be thankful

I think this year I am going to focus on positives. Too often we let negatives overtake us yet I know there are so many positives. Is anyone else like me in this? Sometimes feels swamped by the negatives and has to make a point of recognising the positives?
So while I'm not planning on posting daily, I am going to highlight a positive each time I do post even if irrelevant to the actual post.
To start: while husband did have a car crash on Christmas Eve, and his car is written off as a result, he is fine, the guy in the other vehicle is fine, and that makes us very lucky. And we had been dithering about replacing both our cars for so long this has forced our hand to replace his and work towards replacing mine in 18 months time.
And a Guiding positive: we have a fantastic unit team, excellent Brownies and a fun 2013 ahead. We're planning a very big weekend for the girls in June, a fun day in March and lots of teambuilding and leadership and community and charitable support.
Bring on 2013!


Cassi Renee said...

I feel the need to renew this pledge often. New Year's Day is a good time to remember.

Very glad you're husband wasn't injured in the accident!

smalltownme said...

I'm so glad to hear your husband is all right.

Kelloggs Ville said...

Ahh bummer to have a bump and yey to forced hands and new cars.

yey to great teams and Guiding.

TBH I always thought your posts were postive so I'm looking forward to the even higher plane!!

Happy New Year and maybe, just maybe, we will actually manage to do 'physical presence' this year!

Jen said...

KV, I do try to make my posts here positive as there's so many willing to whinge about Guiding. It's more about my everyday life and remaining positive in that and using the blog as a marker for it. I did toy with a positive thing per day on Facebook but that felt too forced. I only post here once or twice a week, feels more achievable.

Jen said...

Oh and a physical meet up should be a goal for 2013. We must be about 20 miles apart, ridiculous we haven't managed it yet.

Working Mum said...

The crash and writing off thing has happened a couple of times to us (neither of them our fault) and each time we've managed to find a great deal on a new (used) car as we've gone in with cash and no car to part-ex, so there's another positive for you!

Happy New Year to you and yours. WM x

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