Friday, 29 March 2013


I've become famous: the fabulous Kelloggsville was interviewed for Guiding magazine (a mag sent out every 3 months to Guiders) and mentioned this blog so I have lots of new visitors - you're all very welcome, feel free to comment or email me!

Despite hits rising on the blog, it's been pretty quiet here: we broke up a week early because there was a disco on in our usual meeting place that most of our girls would be attending, so we have a long Easter break. I've been doing the usual between term admin - removing details of the 4 girls that left for Guides from my records, adding details of the 4 starting after Easter.

We have a fun though fairly loose programme for the summer term: some Road Safety, some Disability Awareness, hopefully Fire Safety and a few other outdoorsy things across the term. We have a weekend away for most of the girls too and for all of the leaders too.

One exciting piece of news, my daughter, who was a Brownie with me, currently nearing the end of her time as a Guide and moving on to Senior Section after the summer, has been selected for a county trip to Our Chalet in Switzerland, one of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts four World Centres, next summer.
It's somewhere I have always wanted to go to (as has my mum!) so I am quite jealous but also quite proud. She has to fundraise the cost of the trip, so we will be coming up with ideas soon, she hasn't yet met with the leaders of the trip though so I don't want to preempt that by storming ahead now!

She's at exactly the age I left Guiding - I was a Brownie and a Guide but left Rangers (as it was then) within three weeks of starting - I hated the turquoise blouse and the apparently aimless sitting around. So I am pleased that she is getting involved in such exciting things to keep her in Guiding (also, no more turquoise blouses, it's all hoodies now!)

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Circus Skills

We held a Circus Skills workshop this weekend just gone, and to give value for money for the cost of the hall hire and bringing in the workshop guy (from Shooting Stars, can't recommend them highly enough) we also extended the day and ran Craft and Number Fun badges for the girls. All in all we were there for 6 1/2 hours and they all had a blast.
We had 20 out of our 24 girls, so it was a good unit bonding session too!

We took loads of pics, but of course I want to preserve the girls' privacy. So this pic is mostly from behind and a few faces blurred. Trust me when I tell you those blurry faces had big smiles on!

Time for an Easter break.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Wales and Marie Curie and Big Brownie Birthday and...

You'd think by not posting since Feb 22nd,

we've not been up to anything! On the contrary, we've been up to so much, and lots of it Welsh!

We planted daffodils back in November, and as we had no Brownies leave at Christmas, and just one join us that we had supplied a daffodil to, it was a lovely sight when they all brought back their daffodils to show off for our St Davids Day meeting. The daffodils were a Marie Curie fundraiser, and I am really proud to say that the girls raised £165. We do have another £6 to add, from a Brownie who was late bringing her money, so the total will be £171, I'm pretty pleased with that. Of 24 Brownies, nearly every one took the time to raise money through chores and donations and I'm very proud of them, they really took the messages on board and raised anything between 50p and £13 each.

The daffodils, and fundraising, were tied into our Welsh evening, which our Welsh Guider led, and involved some yummy Welsh cakes and Caerphilly. We've learned about Wales before, when we did the British Traditions badge, but that was January 2008 so the girls who were Brownies then have long gone!

Then the other exciting Wales news is that we are joining a Brownie weekend away in Wales next year. Two leaders, 8 Brownies, though there's another 2 Brownies might join us if we can get more places. It's part of the Big Brownie Birthday which happens in 2014 - Brownies will be 100 years old so there will be lots happening. I'll definitely talk more about that!

We had the week after the Welsh night off due to an event at the school where we meet. Between Brownies and Guides we mustered up 6 of us to head to the pub for dinner instead and we had a lovely night out. The Rainbow leaders sadly couldn't join us, or we'd have had a full set of sections, and one of the Brownie leaders had a school governors meeting so we missed her too.

Then we had county training day for 4 of us, 3 of us were also helping at that too yet we did manage to join in the sessions.

Oh, and what I've missed out is that 3 of our leaders ended up running a weekend away for the neighbouring Brownie pack. Two of them were meant to be helping but the leader of that unit became ill and pulled out a couple of days before. Because the weekend was wholly paid for, and this particular unit had already had a holiday cancelled due to bad weather, our two leaders carried on and the third was kind enough to step in. I couldn't help due to commitments with my two kids so I was the emergency home contact.

Phew - long post!

The final meeting in our series of country meetings was this week and that was Ireland. The girls had a fab time learning about the country and we all learned something new!

Last event of this term: a Badge Blitz tomorrow. We'll be doing Craft, Number Fun and Circus Performer with a specialist workshop guy coming in with his equipment. Should be lots of fun!
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