Friday, 12 April 2013

Brownies round the world: Canada

What better way to celebrate 500 posts here than with a post about one of my very favourite countries, Canada, combined with one of the most visited sections of my blog, the Brownies round the world series.

Previous posts:
Brownies in Canada are called...Brownies! They are aged 7-8 (a crucial difference to the UK, where ours are aged 7-10).

Their full uniform: T-shirt, navy cargo pants, badge sash, reef knot pin and tie, though more than one Canadian leader has told me their unit doesn't wear the cargo pants, preferring a combination of jeans/shorts for most occasions and smart trousers for Remembrance Sunday etc.

Their promise, like the promise for older girls and leaders, has recently changed and is now:
I Promise to do my best,
To be true to myself, my beliefs and Canada
I will take action for a better world
And respect the Brownie Law

Guiding in Canada is just one year younger than in the UK, so they are over 100 just like us! There are around 90,000 members.

More about Canada Girl Guides



Kelloggs Ville said...

what do they do with the 8-10 year olds? I like the big mix of age here, I like the way the older girls self develop by naturally helping and caring for the littlies. I like the way the littlies look up to the older girls and long to be like them. Do they mix the girls but call them different things... I should probably go read the links shouldn't I?!

I'm not sure about 'respecting' the law. I think if you are going to bother having a law then members should be expected to keep it! LOL. I wonder what will happen with us.

Jen said...

Their Guides are 9-11 then they have Pathfinders that slots in before Rangers. I know what you mean about looking up to older ones but on the other hand we also get those older ones who are desperate to be guides and can be disruptive at brownies so pros and cons each way I think.

Kelloggs Ville said...

I can see that working. Our 10 year olds at guides are still in primary school, whereas they still have some girls that should have long left and are in year 10 now. I don't think that works well at all. I'll vote Canadian.

caracastson said...

Hi Jen - thank you for the lovely recommendation to my site. That is very kind - (fabulous may be overspeaking, but I appreciate it).
We have:
Sparks 5 - 6
Brownies 7 - 8
Guides 9 - 11
Pathfinders 12 - 14, and
Rangers 15 - 18

the major difference I can see is that you do intake and advancement through the year... our girls do enrollment at the beginning of the year, and advancement at the end. We move up based on the school year, not based on age.


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