Sunday, 21 April 2013

Four more and I know who they are

Four more new Brownies have joined us this term, they all seem quite sweet and look different enough that I was able to know their names by the end of the night! It was easy when my daughter was a Brownie because I knew most newbies from her class or the year after, so any from a different school didn't need much effort to remember.
But now almost every new Brownie I have never met before, so it requires concentration from me to keep their names straight the first few nights. I was quite pleased to have L, N, R and G sorted out by the end of the first evening.
Our newest Guider led the meeting, did a cracking job and was watched by our district commissioner so she could have that part of her leadership qualification signed off.
Full steam ahead for the rest of the term.


Kelloggs Ville said...

I'm lucky if I have their names right by the time they leave. To make it worse there only seems to be 4 distinct names amongst the 26 brownies at the moment. Rangers however I find easy. (Mostly!)

Jen said...

Ah yes, we have that too, the very peak of it for us was a few years ago when we had three Hannahs, an Anna and three Harriets.

char said...

I'm hopeless with names, although the rangers aren't so bad. It's usually the new guides, if I get a bundle of them, or when I go to camp with my friends' guide unit.

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