Friday, 24 May 2013

Halfway through the summer term

So, Guiding is girl-led and our girls decided they wanted to earn as many badges as possible this term, to fill up their sleeves!
We've scheduled a couple of easy to do badges: Agility and Craft, we've already completed Road Safety over a couple of weeks and we've completed two out of three weeks on Disability Awareness. We did try for Fire Safety but our local fire station isn't doing visits just now, so we have put that on hold for a while.
Disability Awareness is going really well, it's being led by a Guider whose son has autism, and his autism assistance dog made a star appearance at Brownies last week - he's so gentle, and focused that even the Brownie whom we were warned is terrified of dogs held his harness for a few seconds, a real "mountaintop moment" for her. This week the girls learned finger spelling and also tried a range of activities with one sense removed - I was on the table where the girls had to butter a slice of bread blindfolded, and I was liberally buttered on the arm by one girl!
We still have a big weekend away with the majority of the Brownies to come, a division dance workshop, promise ceremony for the new girls, girl-led planning for the next term, and our end of term fun at the local campsite. On top of that, I have offered to organise a district trip to a theme park early next term, so it's busy busy, as ever!

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Excellent post

Excellent post on Guiding, really could not put it better.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Busy baking

These, along with some lemon cupcakes, will be sold by daughter at our local May Day Fair to raise money for a Guiding trip she's going on. The oven's barely been off today and between these and the mince the Scouts have asked me to store till I take my son to camp tomorrow, there's no room in the fridge for actual food!
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