Monday, 10 June 2013

Brownie centenary in 2014

Just as Guides were 100 in 2010 (what did we do to mark this? Have a look here), 2014 is Brownies turn to turn 100. The Big Brownie Birthday will run from Jan to summer 2014.
We already have one plan, 2 of us leaders and 9 of our girls are going on a pack holiday with other girls in May 2014, but that's quite expensive and not everyone can afford it, so we always knew we'd plan less expensive things too.
Plans have started to filter down from Region and County, and the opportunities on offer will include:
  • A county launch in Feb 2014 at a multicultural celebration on Thinking Day in February
  • A county sleepover (two nights available) in a very exciting place in March
  • A county scavenger walk in May
  • A Brownie Revels (fun day) in June
  • Alien disco finales in division in July
  • A 4 night Brownie camp for the region in August
We are thrilled to have so many opportunities on offer and so grateful to the county and region volunteers setting them up!

There will also be two national challenges, one for Brownies and one for all other sections including leaders.
One thing I haven't noticed is how much of the events other than the national challenge the Guides will be able to take part in.

Because the 100 years of Guides was the 100 years of Guiding as well, there were many opportunities offered to all sections and I know some Guide leaders felt Guides didn't properly benefit from celebrating their own section level centenary in the way that Rainbows did have when they celebrated 25 years a while ago. So while I am so so grateful that so many events are being staged for us, and we hope to take part in as many as possible, when we are planning events at a unit level I think we will work hard to include our sister Guide unit in what we are doing so that they feel part of everything.


TopChamp said...

spotted in Guiding again Jen?

I have only suggested 1 county event this year...... and I know that others wanted a residential. Selfishly I haven't suggested this because I want to go on one with our division. We're pretty huge and it's tricky finding somewhere with capacity for all of us just for the big party day. I would like all divisions to do their own residentials... or for girls to go on the Scottish ones.

However now I feel a bit unambitious!!

Jen said...

Yes, me again, sorry ;-)

We won't necessarily do all those things, just thrilled that they are on offer and hoping to do as many as we can manage.

Congrats on the 500 miles by the way!

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