Friday, 7 June 2013

Where I live: Indoors

An off Guiding post...

The American Resident did a post with a linky about Where I Live: Indoors, and I was compelled to join in.

There's a pretty clear pattern to what's on our walls. Pre kids and post kids...
A lino print of the Florence rooftops, bought in the UK not long after returning from an Italian trip taken on a whim.

A print of the Willow Tea Rooms in Glasgow - even more reflective of pre-9/11 actually, as we also bought a mirror with a Mackintosh style ladder frame and were able to carry that back as hand luggage on the plane.
A chalked painting of Venice, bought from an artist while we were there, carefully rolled up and carried home.    

A painting of the park bandstand where we were married, purchased for us on our wedding day by my parents and though small, greatly treasured.

(Sorry this is sideways, I cannot persuade it to rotate). Then we get to post-kids, their wall of glory in our kitchen where I add particularly good paintings or certificates of achievement - both kids have their 2000m swimming and daughter has her Taekwondo black belt certificate there so you can see the paintings are a little out of date but I so clearly remember how proud daughter was of the rabbit being in a hutch (or a pink line she painted round it), son laboured for ages over the Power Rangers he no longer remembers and I can't quite remember which kid did the picture at the top but I do remember that they had just discovered their belly button so added it very clearly!
And finally husband's pride and joy, a signed Tour of Britain top and a picture of him with Mark Cavendish.

Over the years we've gone from carefully selected beautiful original work, to lovingly created original work of a different type, so I see it as an evolution!


smalltownme said...

I like the mix.

K Ville said...

I skipped the tasteful phase and went straight to the kiddie pictures! I got them framed nicely though!

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

I like how personal everything is -- things you've picked up on your travels, things relevant to your family's history, art by your children, and an amazing cycling prize.

Michelloui said...

This is a fun post--I like how you move through the stages in your life. I love that you have a painting of the bandstand where you got married! So romantic! I WON'T be showing the cycling jersey to my husband though, he'd be green with envy!

Thank you for joining in with the Where I Live Linky! :)

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