Friday, 19 July 2013

Brownies by numbers

  • Number of Brownies attending last meeting -22 (one sick, one didn't bother to tell us)
  • Number of parents lost on the way to the campsite - 1, but she persevered and found us eventually!
  • Number of marshmallows toasted - over 120 (we had Guides and Senior Section there too!)
  • Number of fingers burned - none, woohoo!
  • Number of injuries - two nettle stings
  • Number of Brownies we said goodbye to - three, all off to Guides
  • Number of Rainbows starting in September - three
  • Number of leaders leaving - one, in September, our former YL is off to university and we will all miss her
  • Number of Brownie Helpers (the name for Guides who help) becoming YLs - one, my daughter
A lot of numbers but really it's all about the people. Still loving Guiding, and while a six week break will be fab (and it won't be a six week break as we'll be planning and ordering resources but no meetings), can't wait to start again!


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