Friday, 13 September 2013

Two weeks in

We're two weeks in now and it's going well. Every girl bar one paid subs on the first night, which makes life so much easier for us, not having to chase for them. The one girl was missing the first night though she did turn up week two, still without subs!
First night was a lovely "welcome" evening, with games to find out more about each other and make the newbies feel included.
Then this week we had a pyjama party, partly because the girls did some of the things they do on a sleepover, which helped us sell the benefits of the sleepover we're planning next month. And partly, sadly, because one of our leaders is leaving, off to university. We're happy for her but sad for us. That's our cake, above, that we shared when saying goodbye.
So next week we're focusing on community and after a meeting today with a local councillor who suggested the idea, I'm quite inspired for what I'm going to put together.

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