Friday, 18 October 2013

Brownie Cosmic Camp Summer 2014

Sadly my own Brownies won't be going to this, for a number of reasons:
  • Arden 2014 international camp overlaps with it, and 2 of the Brownie leaders are going to Arden
  • I can't go as although it is a long weekend, our office has a lot of parents and we all want time off in the same six weeks, so I can have time for a family holiday or for Brownies, not both. Husband is understanding but he's not that understanding!
  • Even if I could rustle up leaders, our Brownies are already signed up for a county sleepover and a weekend at a Training and Activity Centre in the months before the camp, adding the camp is just too much cost for parents on top of that.
Setting that aside, if you haven't planned much yet for the Big Brownie Birthday, this camp does look fabulous and the girls will have an amazing time. I have camped with Brownies a couple of time and they get a lot from it, they grow up so much!
For more info:

Monday, 14 October 2013


What happened
Well it was good having every member of the pack on a sleepover, like an extended 
It would have been good to have more sleep though - the little darlings went to sleep around 12 and were up capering and screeching at 4.40am!
Despite that, it was a good time overall, we had a bears bedtime theme because it was a Midlandswide sleepover with the same theme and the girls made some excellent crafts and enjoyed themselves.
What we learned
That it was a real achievement to persuade every girl (and her parents) that they should come away overnight. But that we need to either restrict the numbers if staying in a hall like that (no beds, all the girls in one big room) or if we do have high numbers, go somewhere with bedrooms where we can better manage the overlap of girls who cried, girls who screeched and chattered, girls who react to how others behave, girls who genuinely want to get some sleep!

Live and learn! Even now, less than 36 hours later, I know we'll do it again! (I even knew that when shouting at them at 4:40am!)
PS: our Rainbows went away the night before, to another hall. They also did not fall asleep till midnight. What lies two years ahead!?! :-)
A PPS: we made them do chores. Not through meanness, but because they needed to contribute. The photo is one of our very sweetest older Brownies sweeping up.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

So far this term...

We have:
*Had a welcome session
*Thrown a pyjama party partly to say goodbye to a leader off to uni and partly to enthuse the girls for our upcoming sleepover (and it worked because for the first time in our nearly 9 years of doing this, we will have all 24 girls on a sleepover!)
*Learned about what a foodbank does and why it is needed
*Brought in contributions for that foodbank - we filled a shopping trolley with the items that are really needed
*Made chocolate cakes in microwaves
*Had a last minute games night after we called off our chip walk due to bad weather
*Gone to Legoland with our whole district

What lies ahead:
*The sleepover
*Remembrance Sunday
*Two nights on Africa, including a session run by one of the Young Leaders in our district who is off to Ghana
*Dr Who night to coincide with 50 years of Dr Who
*A planning night (by the girls)
Promise party
*Christmas fun jointly with our Rainbow unit, run by our Brownie Helper, a Guide who is working on her Baden Powell Award

So, a busy term but it has nothing on 2014. Oh the things we are doing to celebrate the Big Brownie Birthday in 2014! Details will follow...

Friday, 4 October 2013

The new promise

Very proud of how well our Brownies took to the new promise last night.

I promise that I will do my best:
To be true to myself and develop my beliefs,
To serve the Queen and my community,
To help other people and
To keep the (Brownie) Guide Law.

We've had a busy start to the term with some community service and saying goodbye to one of our leaders, but last night we worked through the new promise and they just got it!

I heard after that one of the more nervy girls has really embraced the true to myself bit, they all got develop my beliefs far more easily than us adults did, and the change from country to community was obvious to them! The majority voted to keep Brownie Bells that we sing at the end as well (it is in essence a prayer, but sung, though there are alternative words) though there was a significant minority so we will revisit that in the future.

As well as the three newbies making their promise, about half want to renew with the new promise, the others will learn it but wait to renew at thinking day or make the change when they move to Guides. Now we just need to learn it off by heart, we played a game where we passed the ball and said a word of it, and we were close but not perfect!

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