Friday, 18 October 2013

Brownie Cosmic Camp Summer 2014

Sadly my own Brownies won't be going to this, for a number of reasons:
  • Arden 2014 international camp overlaps with it, and 2 of the Brownie leaders are going to Arden
  • I can't go as although it is a long weekend, our office has a lot of parents and we all want time off in the same six weeks, so I can have time for a family holiday or for Brownies, not both. Husband is understanding but he's not that understanding!
  • Even if I could rustle up leaders, our Brownies are already signed up for a county sleepover and a weekend at a Training and Activity Centre in the months before the camp, adding the camp is just too much cost for parents on top of that.
Setting that aside, if you haven't planned much yet for the Big Brownie Birthday, this camp does look fabulous and the girls will have an amazing time. I have camped with Brownies a couple of time and they get a lot from it, they grow up so much!
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char said...

It was pretty awesome!!

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