Monday, 14 October 2013


What happened
Well it was good having every member of the pack on a sleepover, like an extended 
It would have been good to have more sleep though - the little darlings went to sleep around 12 and were up capering and screeching at 4.40am!
Despite that, it was a good time overall, we had a bears bedtime theme because it was a Midlandswide sleepover with the same theme and the girls made some excellent crafts and enjoyed themselves.
What we learned
That it was a real achievement to persuade every girl (and her parents) that they should come away overnight. But that we need to either restrict the numbers if staying in a hall like that (no beds, all the girls in one big room) or if we do have high numbers, go somewhere with bedrooms where we can better manage the overlap of girls who cried, girls who screeched and chattered, girls who react to how others behave, girls who genuinely want to get some sleep!

Live and learn! Even now, less than 36 hours later, I know we'll do it again! (I even knew that when shouting at them at 4:40am!)
PS: our Rainbows went away the night before, to another hall. They also did not fall asleep till midnight. What lies two years ahead!?! :-)
A PPS: we made them do chores. Not through meanness, but because they needed to contribute. The photo is one of our very sweetest older Brownies sweeping up.


K Ville said...

They love doing chores when away though, I wonder why when they are mostly not that way inclined at home. Is there something inherently more exciting about the 'old fashioned' methods we use at the Halls, like brooms, dust pans and drying up that you just don't get with a Hoover and dishwasher, or is it just being away from home that makes it fun and all food taste ok!

char said...

Yikes! Glad your sleepover went well. We did a county-wide sleepover in June, with the idea of getting as many girls as we could to sleep out somewhere unusual on the same night. We took a whole division of brownies and guides to sleep in an aircraft hangar and the noise was crazy - some of them didn't sleep at all but thankfully it was big enough that we could place the chatters far away from the ones who wanted sleep.

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