Sunday, 6 October 2013

So far this term...

We have:
*Had a welcome session
*Thrown a pyjama party partly to say goodbye to a leader off to uni and partly to enthuse the girls for our upcoming sleepover (and it worked because for the first time in our nearly 9 years of doing this, we will have all 24 girls on a sleepover!)
*Learned about what a foodbank does and why it is needed
*Brought in contributions for that foodbank - we filled a shopping trolley with the items that are really needed
*Made chocolate cakes in microwaves
*Had a last minute games night after we called off our chip walk due to bad weather
*Gone to Legoland with our whole district

What lies ahead:
*The sleepover
*Remembrance Sunday
*Two nights on Africa, including a session run by one of the Young Leaders in our district who is off to Ghana
*Dr Who night to coincide with 50 years of Dr Who
*A planning night (by the girls)
Promise party
*Christmas fun jointly with our Rainbow unit, run by our Brownie Helper, a Guide who is working on her Baden Powell Award

So, a busy term but it has nothing on 2014. Oh the things we are doing to celebrate the Big Brownie Birthday in 2014! Details will follow...


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