Saturday, 30 November 2013

Hello, goodbye and planning Big Brownie Birthday

It was an interesting meeting this week, we welcomed a surprising number of Rainbows for a visit (surprising because we have four starting in January, we actually had six visiting! One would be starting but is moving over Christmas and wanted to at least have her visit, and the other because the mother was stuck in traffic and hadn't been able to collect from the Rainbow meeting before ours) and we had four older Brownies doing the Go For It Brownies and visiting Guides afterwards before we say goodbye to them next week.
And in between all that, we did some planning for next year's Big Brownie Birthday. We have a whopping seven events scheduled between January and July so this was all about the regular meetings and what we will do there.
The leader in charge for the night (the one who got her Commissioner's Award last week) asked us all to bring our Challenge posters that we had been sent with our copy of Guiding magazine. These were packed with ideas of things to do from Brownies through the years. Each six narrowed down the choices from 18 to 3 or 4, with one each from You, Community and World, the three central aspects of the Brownie Adventure.
My six wanted: candle decorating that reaches out to the community around us (I'll explain more if this goes ahead), a meeting without electricity, campfire cooking and making art outside. I can't wait to hear what the others have picked, we are just trying to schedule a planning meeting for the leaders to get everything pinned down.

Monday, 25 November 2013

So many Guiding things, not enough time to write

So many things to tell you!

We had a plan a promise evening and the girls did so well, then we followed that up with the actual promise evening, where 3 newbies made their promise and lots of us renewed our promise using the new one, it was a lovely moment.

In between the two evenings, we had Remembrance Sunday. I was very proud of the girls, we had 15 turn up on a bitterly cold morning. We've attended every year since 2009 (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012) and this year my daughter, as the oldest member of Senior Section present got to lay the wreath. Meanwhile, my son was marching with Cubs in a different village and he got to carry the Cub flag - so proud of the pair of them.

Then the weekend after, I was busy with Guiding again on the Sunday, this time to attend the Midlands Chief Commissioner Award. I'd nominated my fellow Guider and she was kind enough to invite me as her guest. It's an award I was lucky enough to be nominated for myself back in 2008 (pic missing but it's just of my badge which looks just like this one, my friend's, though less shiny now) and it goes to those working hard at a local level.

In her case, she had not just made a great contribution to our unit, getting her residential licence so we could go away but also then stepping in to another unit when both their leaders pulled out for various reasons and a third leader was only able to attend in the daytime. She deserved this thanks - and I have another leader in our unit who deserves them so much too, there's three of us planning to nominate her next year.

There was a special added bonus when attending as well, I got to meet Kelloggsville!  She was also receiving the award even though she Guides in a different county - the Midlands Region covers a good nine or ten counties. She's written about our meeting already, I was waiting to let her post first because she is quite particular about what information she shares and I didn't want to overstep the mark. I bounded up to her and went in for a hug because I feel like she's already a friend despite it being our first meeting, she was a little frosty and I didn't click why at first. I don't hide the fact I have a blog, I don't volunteer the info, but I don't hide it. She's a little more cagey and was basically worried I was going to bust her!

So, we kept our conversation in the presence of others to other topics, and we need to meet up again and have a good, unrestricted chat. I really enjoyed meeting her and hope that was just the first of many meets.

Moving on to this week just gone, we celebrated 50 years of Doctor Who at Brownies with a night all about the Doctor, including decorating gingerbread Tardises, making chocolate Daleks, cutting out fondant Weeping Angels, creating a Tardis basket to carry it all home in, and taking part in a quiz and two games: a Doctor Who version of Port and Starboard - I made it up so I can't link to it, it was things like Gallifrey and Skaro instead of Port and Starboard, walking around with arm out saying Exterminate for Dalek's Coming, etc.

Finally, we had Girlguiding County training day this weekend (rest assured, I shall NOT be doing anything Guiding any weekend soon) which went really well, I learned a lot, got to pick the brains of a couple of advisers, find out more about the pending Big Brownie Birthday - lots more to follow on that - and connect with some fellow Guiders from around the county. My daughter's Switzerland group did the lunchtime catering as a fundraiser and they provided a great spread, I was quite proud.

Just two weeks left for us before Christmas (we always break up early because the place where we meet needs the hall for Christmas events) and then a break till the New Year and all the Big Brownie birthday craziness!
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