Saturday, 30 November 2013

Hello, goodbye and planning Big Brownie Birthday

It was an interesting meeting this week, we welcomed a surprising number of Rainbows for a visit (surprising because we have four starting in January, we actually had six visiting! One would be starting but is moving over Christmas and wanted to at least have her visit, and the other because the mother was stuck in traffic and hadn't been able to collect from the Rainbow meeting before ours) and we had four older Brownies doing the Go For It Brownies and visiting Guides afterwards before we say goodbye to them next week.
And in between all that, we did some planning for next year's Big Brownie Birthday. We have a whopping seven events scheduled between January and July so this was all about the regular meetings and what we will do there.
The leader in charge for the night (the one who got her Commissioner's Award last week) asked us all to bring our Challenge posters that we had been sent with our copy of Guiding magazine. These were packed with ideas of things to do from Brownies through the years. Each six narrowed down the choices from 18 to 3 or 4, with one each from You, Community and World, the three central aspects of the Brownie Adventure.
My six wanted: candle decorating that reaches out to the community around us (I'll explain more if this goes ahead), a meeting without electricity, campfire cooking and making art outside. I can't wait to hear what the others have picked, we are just trying to schedule a planning meeting for the leaders to get everything pinned down.


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