Monday, 30 December 2013


I've been prepping for the new term in January, there's a lot happening here from the end of the first week of January so I am taking advantage of some downtime now.

So far:
*28 term diaries printed - we consulted the girls and will be doing the Big Brownie Birthday Challenge using their ideas, and we like to let parents know roughly what we will be doing each evening.
*43 permission forms - for our district Big Brownie Birthday event and for our county Thinking Day event, we already know who's going just need to get those forms.
*lots of bits and pieces - an attendance sheet, etc

Still to print: 400 sheets to go through local doors about a special project we want to involve former Brownies in! I think I can reduce the text down so I only need to print 134 but still need to work out the best way to do that without using all my printer ink! More info to follow, as ever, after we've done it, in order to protect my girls. 


K Ville said...

I'm thinking about charging back for paper and ink. I also had an 'interesting' discussion on a forum about how we shouldn't be calling members of guiding 'my girls'. Some people get very uppity about it - I have learnt lol. Not sure how else we are to mark the inclusion line when talking about our own activities and people without using the word 'my' but hey-ho. If I find out how we are to describe 'our girls' I'll let you know lol

Jen said...

I've charged for ink in the past and I think I'll have to this time. While I could send the diaries and consents electr

Jen said...

Oops! Electronically, there's no way to do the other project without printing.

Hmm, I do know they are not my girls, not even our girls but I do care about them. Can we call them our unit? ;-)

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