Saturday, 11 January 2014

Last minute meeting

I always used to have an emergency meeting in my bag for those times some theme wouldn't pan out.

I confess, I'd got out of the habit because we are lucky enough to have a big leadership team who divide up the term so we each just lead on a few nights. If someone needs a night off, we swap themes around and/or get a parent to help to ensure we have enough adults.

But this week, the leader running the night got a migraine less than an hour before the meeting. She called, sounded awful, and I am very sympathetic as I occasionally get those myself. She tried to talk me through what she planned to do but she couldn't even finish a sentence.

So, I knew we had 4 adults, with 1 of those in the hallway taking money and forms. So I texted the other 2 and we divided up the evening into 20 min slots each, with a longer than usual starting game preceding that, led by our YL.

And it all came together just fine! The first leader talked about the Guiding family and how we'd lost 4 girls to Guides but we had 4 former Rainbows joining us, and about the rules, and we let everyone know the new sixes, the new sixers, seconds and buddies. Then she talked about the badges they can earn and how they can do those at home.

Next leader took over and she briefly talked about the Big Brownie Birthday Challenge which we had planned at the end of last term with all the girls including the new ones. Then she got them up and moving with some fun games, new to us. The one I liked best was lining them up on one side of the hall then each girl had to get to the other side in a different way - run, skip, hop. The funniest were the girls who rolled across the hall full length, and the one who scooched on her bottom - taking so long that eventually some other girls took a limb each and carried her to the end in hysterics.

By the time it was my turn, there was only time to give out the Becoming a brownie book to the new girls, the Big Brownie Birthday badge to everyone, and receipts for the subs, census and events that had been paid for (the fourth guider had been beavering away writing them up in the background!) then teach Brownie Bells at the end and hand them back to their parents!

It showed us we can think in our feet, we can turn a meeting out of nothing in less than an hour, plus we still have the two ten minute games I was going to play, as fillers for next time that happens!

Next week, our big Thinking Day project begins - we're hoping it will be quite beautiful.


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