Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Parcel of goodies!

A parcel arrived of all the goodies ordered for this term from Girlguiding. 

Down the bottom, two Big Brownie Birthday camp blankets and a Big Brownie birthday hoodie for one of our leaders (I already have mine!).

Above it, some paperwork I've added to the pile so I remember to take it to the next meeting.

On top of that, to the left, the badges we will need: age 8, 9 and 10 badges for the girls who have birthdays this term, promise badges, Thinking Day badges. 

To be added to the pile, the already delivered Big Brownie Birthday badges (and removed already from the pile, Big Brownie Birthday Stay Away badges).

And to the right, the Girlguiding Midlands Nights Away scheme records for the 4 girls who just left us to go to Guides, I need to pass them on so they can continue to record their nights away.

Nearly ready to go! It's Big Brownie Birthday time!!!


K Ville said...

I just can't get me excitment whipped up for the BBB yet. Should I be buying a Hoodie?

Jen said...

(I loved the pictures you posted today).
I'm pretty excited, we have a lot of county events happening and I'm thrilled that they have put so much thought and variety into it. We're doing a district launch, county thinking day, county sleepover (in your county!), county walk, national pack holiday, county revels and district finale. We have events ranging from £1 (we haven't charged the girls for those) up to the pack holiday is £120 and so every girl is taking part in at least one, we have 19 signed up for three of them (a different combination in each of those 19s) so when they are so enthusiastic it's easy for us to be.
I really like my hoody, I have to say and daughter got one too, though we are not allowed to wear it at the same time, apparently! :-)

K Ville said...

PS woudl you mind readding me to your side bar, I've been playing and broken the links so It's not updating now. Thanks

Jen said...

Will do

char said...

I've been asked to go to the camp, which means no summer camp for my guide unit as I can't afford to take more than one week off work, so I'm not sure how I feel about the whole thing, tbh.

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