Thursday, 23 January 2014

Wounded Brownies

We wounded our Brownies tonight - very messy but great fun. (No knives involved, just fake skin and fake blood). And then they learned how to apply pressure and bandage them. So fun AND practical. :-)


char said...

My guide unit did this last week, as well. They came up with some rather realistic "wounds" and then got a chance to use their first aid skills, too.

Anonymous said...

What did you use to make your wounds? They look gruesomely realistic :)

Jen said...

We used Vaseline, cornflour and a little cocoa powder for the base on the skin, then washing up liquid with some food colouring for the blood. Even the sensitive skin Brownies were ok, apart from one that did have the food colouring touch her skin as we wiped it off and she did react a little at that point, so more careful wiping and she would have been fine.

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