Saturday, 22 February 2014

Happy Thinking Day 2014

I'll be at an event with my Brownies this afternoon, I know at least some local girls have already left for the big national event at Alexandra Palace, should be a great day for all.

Also, Happy Founders Day to any Scouts who read this blog, and a message to my old car, which was due its MOT today (not that I chose that as the date after forgetting to MOT it one time) - I hope you are living with a new family and aren't just tiny bits of scrap now.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

I made this!

Not Guiding but wanted to share anyway; I went to a macaroon workshop and made these beauties today:

Not easy to make, and I'm not sure I will even try at home because of that, but fun nonetheless!

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Fun in the dark

We had fun in the dark this week, a no electricity night that did use some electricity!

We started with a dolls house, blacking out the windows and putting a torch inside and talking about why people blacked out windows in WWII. Each time a few windows had been blacked out with card and tape, we turned out the lights again to see if it was all blocked.

It took a while, and we had a really good discussion about why and how, and a wide range of peripheral questions and street lights and rationing and reserved occupations.

Then we used glowsticks to play a game with each girl having a stick, a leader with bells hiding among them in the dark and a girl having to find the leader by sound alone. We did have one glowstick leak and some liquid go in that girls eye so we  had two leaders with her, rinsing her eyes over and over with water.

As a side note, we followed procedure: informed her parents who were happy with the action we were taking and that the girl was keen to stay. We then talked it through with mum at the end of Brownies, got her to sign the accident book and gave her packaging in case she felt she needed to go to A&E. I checked the next day and the mum said the girl was fine. If she had needed to visit hospital we would have filled in the Girlguiding accident form that gets filed with our HQ in case of further issues. I was glad she was ok, and mum was very kind about it, indeed she said she had bought some herself for a party this weekend so she did appreciate it was a common enough thing to do and accidents happen. It's horrible when one of your girls is in pain though I know we did everything right. Next time I think we'd ask them to break them as far from their faces as possible - add that to the risk assessment if we do that again!

The game went well and then they made glowsticks art in the dark. At the end we had candles to give out to be distributed for our Thinking Day project involving the community, and one of our leaders got her five years service badge - she literally jumped up and down, clapped and squealed!

Monday, 10 February 2014

Old Brownie badges

Brownie badges used to be brown triangles, I remember earning Hostess, House Orderly, Home Skills and Gardener, among others.
Another leader agreed to sell me a stash of old badges so I could give one to each of my Brownies in this centenary year.
My Young Leader daughter took it one step further, researching each one, printing a slip with it's name and original year and taping the badge to it. So much better... A leader in the making or an archivist in the making?

Thursday, 6 February 2014

What our Brownies love about being Brownies

We asked them for 5 words each, and then our Young Leader put them all together and made this:

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Teaching Traditions

Last weekend, we had an event to celebrate the Big Brownie Birthday, a district event for around 100 Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Senior Section.

We themed the event around Brownie Traditions, the girls got to:
*learn the National Anthem
*play Kim's Game to learn what Brownies used to carry in their pocket
*learn to tie simple knots
*learn to light a match safely, a candle safely, and some got to melt a wax crayon to make colours on a tea light
*colour in a Union Jack
*add their ideas to a future Brownie outline
*learn exercises Brownies had to perform to pass their tests back in the day.

It was fun, we had things to learn from it, as ever, in terms of organisation, but it was safe, and fun, so we were pleased! We were also pleased to involve the other sections, Guides shared their centenary a few years ago so it's only right that we share our big birthday too.

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