Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Teaching Traditions

Last weekend, we had an event to celebrate the Big Brownie Birthday, a district event for around 100 Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Senior Section.

We themed the event around Brownie Traditions, the girls got to:
*learn the National Anthem
*play Kim's Game to learn what Brownies used to carry in their pocket
*learn to tie simple knots
*learn to light a match safely, a candle safely, and some got to melt a wax crayon to make colours on a tea light
*colour in a Union Jack
*add their ideas to a future Brownie outline
*learn exercises Brownies had to perform to pass their tests back in the day.

It was fun, we had things to learn from it, as ever, in terms of organisation, but it was safe, and fun, so we were pleased! We were also pleased to involve the other sections, Guides shared their centenary a few years ago so it's only right that we share our big birthday too.


brownieguideleader said...

I've been looking at having a go-back-in-time night with my Brownies. I love the idea of learning the exercises Brownies used to required to complete. I'll have to hunt down some old handbooks :)
Thanks for the great ideas!

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